I am Bryan Saunders, the proud owner of several bicycles, a car and a pair of legs all of which I make considerable use of; subsequently, this makes me a cyclist, a driver and a pedestrian. I am of English, Dutch and Belgian blood and grew up on the easy streets of Tervuren, Belgium. I went through the European School system before studying Sports Science and Mathematics at Nottingham Trent University. After deciding upon a direction, I completed a masters and PhD in Sports Science. I currently work as a researcher in exercise science and biochemistry at the University of São Paulo, with specific interest in ergogenic aids such as β-alanine, sodium bicarbonate and caffeine and their effects on exercise capacity and performance.




A cycling blog that combines some of my cycling experiences; thoughts, opinions and daydreams in the saddle; and a little of my scientific knowledge to create some diverse blog posts that will hopefully be of interest to others.




A main update will be posted every week (hopefully!).




Absolutely anywhere in the world thanks to the wonder that is modern technology. Whether you’re at home, at work, at school, at the bar, at the cinema or even on the bike, simply access my webpage and enjoy the read. 




I love cycling, I love thinking about cycling, I love reading about cycling and I love talking about cycling, so I thought why not write about cycling. My mind wanders as I cycle, and the further I go the more I want to write these ideas down and share them with others. I am optimistic that my writing will be of interest to a wide range of individuals and hope to create some interesting discussion about cycling.




Will it be a success?


I hope so, but genuinely I don't know; I have enjoyed piecing it together regardless.