100 miles (160 km) in the saddle

Covering a distance of 100 km in an afternoon is a notion only attainable by car for the majority of individuals, but for the elite cyclist this is a daily occurrence atop a bicycle. The average distance during a stage of the Tour de France is approximately 160 km, or 100 miles if you're in the UK, totalling around 3500 km (2200 miles) over 23 days. I routinely and comfortable cover 50 km a day on two wheels, but cycling two or three times this distance is a substantial step up in anyone’s book. So several years ago some friends and I decided to test ourselves and our newly developed cycling fitness and raise some money and awareness for charity while we were at it. These are my experiences of my first 100 mile cycle ride.

Mile 1: “Here we go” *pedals like maniac*

Mile 2: “This is great!” *still pedaling like maniac*

Mile 3: “Should my legs already be burning?” *pedaling slows slightly”

Mile 4: “Am I going backwards?” *pedaling slows alarmingly”

Mile 5: “Perfect!” *optimal pedal rhythm found*

Mile 10: “Gotta help a friend in need” *helps Neil fix puncture*

Mile 20: “Not again… But he needs help” *helps Neil fix puncture*

Mile 30: “As if!” *ditches Neil fixing puncture*

Blog 7 - Figure 1.jpg

Me and Varley laughing having ditched Neil

Mile 40: “This is a breeze” *cycling in the middle of the peloton*

Mile 50: “This is so tough” *cycling at the front of the peloton*

Mile 60: “Where is everybody?” *cycling alone*

Mile 70: “Argh, still 30 to go…” *sulking through every revolution*

Mile 80: “Only 20 to go, let’s smash it!” *pedaling like a man possessed*

Mile 90: “Argh, still 10 to go…” *sulking through every revolution*

Mile 96: “I can’t believe I can still feel my legs” *grinding through every revolution*

Mile 97: “Shouldn’t I be able to feel my legs?” *legs pedaling subconsciously*

Mile 98: “Do I still have my legs?” *legs apparently still pedaling”

Mile 99: “The end is in sight!” *last burst of furious cycling*

Mile 100: “Why aren’t we there yet?” *frantically searching for finish line*

Blog 7 - Figure 2.jpg

Celebrating my sprint finish victory

Mile 102: “Finally…” *crosses finish line*

Blog 7 - Figure 3.JPG

The 100 mile crew who raised £500+ for charity